Belfast League Match This Saturday, 17th February, at 2pm

The Leinster League teams for the annual Belfast League match are as follows:

Team 1

Romain Barth, Paul Norgrove, Yingjie Qi

Team 2

Jerzy Zajac, John McCormack, Kevin McCarthy

Team 3

Gerry Weafer, Josef Grencik, Tony Healy

Well done to all of the players picked to represent the Leinster League. The matches are scheduled for 2pm on Saturday 17th February in PingZone

The start time was previously marked as 2:30pm, but that has been corrected to 2pm.

Spectators are welcome, and there should be some great matches, featuring some of the best players from both leagues.

Last year, Belfast won out 2-1, with all 3 team matches ending 5-4. You can read the 2017 match report here.