Keep or Remove the Shield?

Ahead of the new season, we would like to get your views on wether you would like to keep the Shield competition, or remove it and have bigger League divisions.

The Shield is the first competition of the Leinster League season, and runs for 6 weeks. The benefits of the Shield are that it provides teams with an extra opportunity to win silverware during the season and it involves all players having 4 matches per night (2 singles & 2 doubles). The Shield is also useful for rating teams so that they can placed in an accurate league division.

However, the downsides of the Shield are that promotion and demotion are not guaranteed, and teams can often end up playing the same teams in the League that they did in the Shield, particularly in the higher and lower divisions.

By removing the Shield, it would allow the league divisions to become bigger, and each group would involve 7-8 teams. Have your say by taking part in the survey below.

The survey will remain open until Saturday evening.