League Grading

The Grading for the League competition will take place next week.

This is the final week of Shield fixtures before the League grading and the Christmas break. The final 2 rounds of Shield fixtures are due to take place at the start of January.

Teams should have played 7-8 Shield matches at this stage. So make sure that all scoresheets are submitted to the relevant steward, and email on any results that are missing from the results section.

The League commences the week of 25th January 2016. The League divisions will be published as soon as they are available.

Shield Results

The Shield competition kicks off this weeks, and all of the results will added to the results section here.

Any results can be emailed to website@leinsterttleague.net, but scoresheets also need to be sent to the steward responsible for the division.

Important Dates

  • The grading meeting for the League takes place on Tuesday 14th December.
  • The final week of Shield fixtures are scheduled for the week of Monday 11th January 2016.
  • The League competition starts the week of Monday 25th January 2016.

Best of lucks to all the teams involved.

2015/16 Shield Groups Announced

The groups for this season’s Shield competition have been announced. There are 6 divisions with 6 teams in each, and will run for 10 weeks. The first set of matches are due to take place the week of Monday 19th October.

The fixture meeting for the shield will take place on Monday 12th October at 7.45p.m. in Balgriffin. Please ensure that all your teams have someone present to arrange fixtures and they have a copy of their fixtures with them.




  • ST. PAULS 1


  • NAVAN 1
  • ST. PATS 1


  • NAVAN 2
  • PAULS 2
  • ALSAA 1


  • ALSAA 2


  • ST. PAULS 3
  • ST. PATS 2
  • NAVAN 3

Please note that PingZone is the new name for Dundrum TTC.


Keep or Remove the Shield?

Ahead of the new season, we would like to get your views on wether you would like to keep the Shield competition, or remove it and have bigger League divisions.

The Shield is the first competition of the Leinster League season, and runs for 6 weeks. The benefits of the Shield are that it provides teams with an extra opportunity to win silverware during the season and it involves all players having 4 matches per night (2 singles & 2 doubles). The Shield is also useful for rating teams so that they can placed in an accurate league division.

However, the downsides of the Shield are that promotion and demotion are not guaranteed, and teams can often end up playing the same teams in the League that they did in the Shield, particularly in the higher and lower divisions.

By removing the Shield, it would allow the league divisions to become bigger, and each group would involve 7-8 teams. Have your say by taking part in the survey below.

The survey will remain open until Saturday evening.

Shield Results

The final matches in the Shield competition are now underway. If you notice any results missing for your team in the results section, please email them on.

Several teams such as St Pauls 1 (Group 1), ESB 1 (Group 4), Navan 1 (Group 7) and Navan 2 (Group 8) have completed all their matches with a 100% record.

The Shield Bulletin, with the final confirmed team and individual standings, as well as stewards report for each division, will be published in the coming weeks.

The League Divisions will be decided at a meeting on Monday night. Please let your Steward know about any late results before Mondays meeting.

The full list of league divisions and fixtures will be published online as soon as they are available. The first round of league matches are due to be played the week of Monday 6th January.

Team Sponsorship

Pictured above are Tommy, Serge, Dara and Jim from Leixlip 1 modelling their new snazzy tracksuits, courtesy of sponsors, PaintWorld.ie.

The new tracksuits helped them on their way to victory against their club mates from Leixlip 2 last night. The win moves them within 2 points of Group 2 leaders, Balgriffin 3.

If your team or club has received sponsorship, and would like it mentioned on the website, send us an email to website@leinsterttleague.net.

Shield Results

Teams should now have completed their first couple of matches in the Shield competition. All the latest results are being added to our results section.

St Pauls 2 are the leading team at the moment, with 3 wins from 3, and are currently top of Group 1.

Please note that the winning team is responsible for taking a copy of each scoresheet and sending it to the relevant steward.

If you notice any results missing online, email on the results to website@leinsterttleague.net.

Shield Teams

Here is the full list of teams for the Shield competition.

ALSAA 1: Carmel Lokko, Albert Adamson, Jim Fitzsimons
ALSAA 2: Margaret Cleary, Ray Fahy, Frank O’Reilly, Alan Fanning, Simon Adamson
BALGRIFFIN 1: John Dennis, Paudge Donohue, Paul Norgrove
BALGRIFFIN 2: Robby Davis, Ros Comerford, Shay Quinn, Jack O’Meara, Keld Jaksland
BALGRIFFIN 3: Stephen Keenan, Brian Keenan, Michael Ussher
BALGRIFFIN 4: Johnny Moore, Eugene Chaney, Meadhbh Slattery
BALGRIFFIN 5: Eddie Quinn, Audrey Cowan, Brian Kestell, Christy Walsh, Zi Zhang, Finn Canavan
BALGRIFFIN 6: Dick Cruise, Denis Kelly, Eddie Jakuskin, Nora Mc Hugh, Paddy Murphy
DUNDRUM 1: Marta Zareba, Erwin de Zwarte, Magda Zareba
DUNDRUM 2: Romain Barth, Marek Grala, Sean Woods
DUNDRUM 3: Tomasz Szulc, Michael Mc Gowan, Dmitry Firsov, Hans Tran
DUNDRUM 4: Grzegorz Grudzinski, Roman Pszonka, Greg Keogh
DUNDRUM 5: Gerry O’Connell, Pierre Bouhey, Josef Grencik
DUNDRUM 6: Piotr Lenartowski, Joe Mc Keown, Stephen MacLoughlin, Mathieu Provost, Michal Bialas
DUNDRUM 7: Virgil Vladuti, Antoine Barrouil, Conor Morris, Jack Quinn
DUNBOYNE 1: Tudorisa Popescu, Endre Bosze, Julian Lurascu
DUNBOYNE 2: Ciaran Macken, David Parheshar, Geraldine Brennan, David Brennan
E. S. B. 1: Jimmy Fleming, Nigel Byrne, Aidan O’Regan, Pat Browne, David Sprackling, John Curry
E. S. B. 2: Julien Baldini, John Harrison, Paul Barnes, Leslie Dungan
GLENVILLE 1: Tony Healy, Brian Ray, Mick Healy, Eamonn Long, Morrise Merryman, Avril Healy
HYDE PARK: Kevin Mc Carthy, Pat Kinsella, John Keogh
LEINSTER 1: Barney Moloney, Philip Mc Dermott, Leigh Anderson
LEINSTER 2: Gaurav Agriwal, Sebastian Scheer, Celine Tahontchova, Grezegorz Pawlowski, Wokeiech Ponarad
LEIXLIP 1: Tommy Caffrey, Dara Melinn, Jim Storey, Shay O’Connor
LEIXLIP 2: Philip Mc Lughlin, Louise Long, Liam Perris,Serge Tureau, Johann Roturier
LEIXLIP 3: Neil Shanahan, Cormac France, Ian Lamon, Claire Burke
LEIXLIP 4: Igor Krasnoiarskij, Dmitri Botvich, Ray O’Donohue, Pauline Harper, Damian Foley, Michael Keogh
LEIXLIP 5: William Allen, Radek Lipinski, John Corrigan, Kevin Molloy, Kevin Reynolds, Carston Bechmann, Christophe Sturzel
NAVAN 1: Renaud Puyou, Ramanus Neskouskas, Mark Wiseman
NAVAN 2: Gerry Gorman, Larry Whelan, Gerry Weafer, Tony Cahill
PIONEERS 1: Kevin Mackey, Dave Pemberton, Derek Zatlyiny, John Strange, Brian Finn, John Murphy
ST. PATS 1: Christy Ray, Brian Gilshinan, Terri Mc Keon
ST PATS 2: David Mc Nevin, Mick Higgins, Marie Fannin, Irene Mc Nevin, Ann Donegan
ST. PAULS 1: Pat Mc Cloughan, Artur Lewanczuk, Norman Lovie, Dave Butler
ST. PAULS 2: Oliver Adamson, Eddie Hockey, Stephen Dunne
ST. PAULS 3: Tom Burke, Shibbu Mathew, Bobby Dobroykov, Lilia Dokuovic
ST. PAULS 4: Paddy Murphy, Gary O’Brien, Gerry Wickham, Sallius Kisskus
ST. PAULS 5: Gerry Martin, Frank Mc Donagh, John Allen, Barney Maguire, Alan Maguire, Ivan Feron, Sheamus McCarthy, Conor Sullivan
TERENURE 1: Teresa Devaney, Dave Pender, Joe Kelleher, Chris Ring
TERENURE 2: Dave Gibbons, Sean Moran, Sharon Gibbons, Andrei Ionel, Florin Juravle, Vivienne Barry
TERENURE 3: Pat Burke, Louise McKenna, Hilary Coyne

Shield 2013 Groups

The groups for the Shield and new Premier League division are as follows:

Premier League

Pioneers 1, St. Pauls 1, Balgriffin 1, Terenure 1, Balgriffin 2

Shield Groups

Group 1: Dundrum 1, St. Pauls 2, Dundrum 2, Leinster 1

Group 2: Leixlip 1, Balgriffin 3, Leixlip 2, Dundrum 3

Group 3: Terenure 2, Balgriffin 4, St. Pauls 3, Hyde Park 1

Group 4: ESB 1, Glenville 1, Balgriffin 5, St. Pats 1

Group 5: St. Pauls 4, Leixlip 3, ALSAA 1, Dundrum 4

Group 6: Balgriffin 6, Leixlip 4, St. Pats 2, Dundrum 5

Group 7: Dunboyne 1, Navan 1, ALSAA 2, Dundrum 6

Group 8: St. Pauls 5, Navan 2, Leixlip 5, Dunboyne 2

Group 9: ESB 2, Dundrum 7, Leinster 2, Terenure 3

Arranging Fixtures

There is no fixture meeting for the Shield. All captains must organise their fixtures with the other captains in their group and either post or email their fixtures to the relevant steward. The steward for each division is listed underneath each set of fixtures.

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