League Bulletin 2016/17

The complete 2016/17 League Bulletin is now available. Well done to all the winning teams and players.

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Cup Semi Finals are due to start this week, and for all the latest results, visits our results section. The Cup Finals will be hosted in 3 different clubs this year with the divisions to be decided later

  • Lesinter: Tues 18th April
  • St. Pats: Wed 19th April
  • Balgriffin: Fri 21st April

The Presentation Night will be in Leinster Club on Friday 5th May. All teams captains should ensure league and cup trophies are returned to Dublin Trophies as soon as possible.

Team Updates

The following subs have been approved at a recent committee meeting:

Pingzone 1: Romain Barth and Marta Zareba can only sub for Joe Kelleher and Grzegorz Slowinski.  Rafal Obora, Michael Usher, Tony Healy, Tony Dunne, Bryan Morrison
Pingzone 3: Huda Talib
St. Pauls 1: Dave Cunningham, Oliver Adamson
Terenure 1: Tibor Pofok
Navan 1: Dylan Glynn
Leinster 3: John Mc Keown can only sub for Derek Keegan

2017 League Divisions

The 2017 league divisions have been announced, and are listed below.

There will be no fixture meeting for the League. All captains must do their fixtures either by email or phone as soon as possible. If fixtures have not been done in advance of the League commencing that team will not be able to play in the League.

If a team has no alternative but to postpone a match they must inform the steward first and they must give at least 48 hours notice.


Division 1

  • SYNGE ST. 1

Division 2

  • ST. PAULS 1

Division 3

  • SYNGE ST. 2
  • NAVAN 1
  • ST. PATS 1

Division 4

  • SYNGE ST. 3
  • ALSAA 1
  • St. PAULS 2

Division 5

  • NAVAN 2
  • ALSAA 2
  • ST. PATS 2

Division 6

  • ST. PAULS 3

League Grading Meeting + Fees

The Shield competition is now drawing to a close, and there should only be a couple of matches remaining in each group.

Balgriffin 2 are the run away leader of Group 3, but most of the other groups are very tight. In Group 4, only 1 point separates the top 3 teams. If any results are missing from our results section, make sure to email them in.

The grading meeting to decide divisions for the league will take place on Tuesday 13th December. A number of clubs have yet to pay their league fees, and any outstanding fees must be paid before the league grading meeting.

The League divisions will be published online as soon as they are available.

League Bulletin 2015/16

The League Bulletin is now available with a report on each division, and the final team and individual standings. Well done to all the winning teams and players.

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Cup Semi Finals are due to start this week, and for all the latest results, visits our results section.

The Cup finals will take place in PingZone on Saturday 7th May, at 2pm. The presentation of all league and cup trophies will take place after the cup finals. 

All teams should return any league and cup trophies, as soon as possible, to Dublin Trophies (111 Marlborough Street, opposite Abbey Theatre). You can visit their Facebook page for contact details.

Updated 27/04/16: Bulletin updated with report for Division 5

2016 League Divisions & Fixtures

The league divisions for the 2015/16 season are listed below.

The fixtures are available in the download link below. The first week of league fixtures are due the week 25th January 2016. There will be no fixture meeting for the league. All captains must organise their fixtures with the other captains in their division and either post or e-mail to the relevant steward. Fixtures must be organised as soon as possible.


Division 1

  • Leixlip 1
  • Balgriffin 1
  • PingZone 1
  • Terenure 1
  • St. Pauls 1
  • Balgriffin 2

Steward: Tony Martin

Division 2

  • Leixlip 2
  • Leinster 1
  • Balgriffin 3
  • Terenure 2
  • Balgriffin 4
  • Leinster 2

Steward: Robbie Davies

Division 3

  • Hyde Park 1
  • PingZone 2
  • PingZone 4
  • PingZone 3
  • St. Pauls 2
  • Balgriffin 5

Steward: Jimmy Fleming

Division 4

  • Navan 1
  • St. Pats 1
  • Dunboyne 1
  • ALSAA 1
  • PingZone 5
  • Balgriffin 6

Steward: Irene McNevin

Division 5

  • Navan 2
  • Leixlip 3
  • ALSAA 2
  • Dunboyne 2
  • PingZone 6
  • St. Pauls 3

Steward: Carmel Lokko

Division 6

  • Leinster 3
  • Leixlip 4
  • St. Pats 2
  • Terenure 3
  • Navan 3
  • Dunboyne 3

Steward: Michael Keogh

League Grading

The Grading for the League competition will take place next week.

This is the final week of Shield fixtures before the League grading and the Christmas break. The final 2 rounds of Shield fixtures are due to take place at the start of January.

Teams should have played 7-8 Shield matches at this stage. So make sure that all scoresheets are submitted to the relevant steward, and email on any results that are missing from the results section.

The League commences the week of 25th January 2016. The League divisions will be published as soon as they are available.

Final Results & Presentation Night

The team and individual winners for the 2014/15 league and cup competitions have been confirmed as follows: click here to open.

The presentation night takes place this Thursday (16th April) in Leinster Cricket Club, Rathmines.

The presentation of trophies will commence at 8.30pm and food will be served by 9.30pm.

It will cost €5 to attend (this has been reduced to what was announced previously), and there will also be a raffle on the night.

Hope to see you all then.

2014/15 League Bulletin

The 2014/15 League Bulletin, with the final team standings, individuals, and report for each division is now available.

Update: The bulletin now includes details for Division 5.

More Info

Returning League & Cup Trophies

Presentation Night Trophies

Winners of perpetual trophies last season must return them ASAP to Dublin Trophies, 111 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1 ( over Billiards Shop facing the Abbey Theatre).

Entrance to shop is in the laneway beside the Billiards Shop. For any queries, contact Alison on 0857107014.