2020 Leinster v Belfast League Match – CANCELLED


The 2020 Leinster v Belfast & District League match is scheduled for Saturday 14th March in Balbriggan TTC, at 2pm.

Following a committee meeting on Monday 17 Feb, the following players have been selected to play in the annual team match, representing the Leinster League:

Team 1
  • Marko Gabric
  • Nebojsa Gabric
  • Lucien Dumea
Team 2
  • Mathew Doyle 
  • Robby Davis
  • Kevin Mc Carthy
Team 3
  • Raja Saverian
  • Pat Kinsella 
  • Dara Melinn

Spectators are welcome, and there should be some great matches, featuring some of the best players from both leagues. Here is a look back at recent matches:

2019: Belfast won 3-0, at Civil Service TTC, Belfast

2018: Belfast won 2-1, at PingZone TTC, Dublin

2017: Belfast won 2-1 at Civil Service TTC, Belfast