2018/19 Season Schedule

The key dates for the 2018/19 season are listed below:

  • AGM: Tuesday 11th September (Leinster)
  • Entry Forms Out: Wednesday 12th September
  • Entry Forms Closing Date:  Monday 1st October
  • Shield Grading: Wednesday 3rd October (St. Pats)
  • Shield Competition: (6 weeks) w/c Monday 22rd October to w/c Monday  26th November
  • League Grading: Tuesday 11th December (Leinster)
  • League Competition:  (10 weeks) w/c Monday 7th January to w/c Monday 11th March
  • Cup Grading: Monday 11th March (Balgriffin)
  • Cup 1st Round: w/c Monday 25th March
  • Cup Semi Finals: w/c Monday 1st April
  • Cup Finals: w/c Monday 15th April
  • Presentation:  Saturday 27th April (Leinster)
  • Leinster League v Belfast League: Date TBC