2017 Cup Finals

5 Division Cup Finals took place this week. There were some late nights involved as all the matches were very close.

On Tuesday in Leinster, Wexford 1 won the Division 1 Cup, 7-4 against PingZone 1.

On Wednesday night in St Pats, Balgriffin teams won the Division 2 and 3 Cups. Balgriffin 2 had a 7-6 victory over St Pauls 1, and Balgriffin 3 won 7-5 against Navan 1.

Finally on Friday night in Balgriffin, Alsaa 1 won the Division 4 cup with a 7-5 win against Dunboyne, and St. Pats 2 won the Division 5 Cup 7-6 against PingZone 4.

Well done to all the players involved. The Presentation Night of Trophies will be held in Leinster CC on Friday 5th May. 

Photos by Jimmy Fleming

Video by kietasriesutas1

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